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  • Thanks for asking Lynne! We are sorry for the confusion. April 22 is the correct date for the next I&T Connect Live. Josh Joshua Shanklin Director of Learning and Professional Development - - - American ...

  • I'm confused about the date of the next I&T Connect session.  On the "This Week at AMS" the date is listed as April 22, here you posted April 22, but the Zoom link has the date as April 15.  Can you please clarify? Lynne ------------------------------ ...

  • Hello, Montessori Community! I am in need of some guidance in order to stay current with my Child Development Permit (Teaching Credential.) The person who was my advisor can no longer act in that capacity, so I'm reaching out to our community with the ...

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  • APRIL 7, 2021—Juliet has spent over 5 decades working as a teacher, teacher’s union steward, school administrator, and community leader in South Florida. Throughout this illustrious career, her leadership has garnered respect and united teachers from varied racial and ethnic backgrounds to work toward the common goal of benefiting all students.
  • MARCH 19, 2021—The American Montessori Society mourns the tragic and senseless loss of 8 people in shootings in Atlanta, Georgia, on Wednesday. Although the motivation for the crime is unknown, this vicious act of violence, regardless of motivation, is abhorrent. Brutality, regardless of cause, has no place in our society and in our world.
  • JANUARY 15, 2021—AMS recognition awards honor individuals who have made exceptional contributions to our organization and the Montessori Movement.