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    So sad to hear of another Montessori school closing its doors. Miss Cristina ------------------------------ Miss.. Cristina Valente Head of School Covered Bridge Montessori - Wearre NH AMS 0-3 Northeast Montessori Institue- Portland Maine AMS ...

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    Sharing for Montessorians near northern New Jersey: New World Montessori School in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ will be closing. All the educational lessons, furniture, cabinets, puzzles, books, art supplies, etc. will be available for sale on the following ...

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    I'm in lower elementary and students love to make maps, posters of concepts in all academic areas, and/or timelines. When they finish, I ask, "Would you like to display it, put it in your portfolio, or take it home?" We end up with a beautiful hallway ...

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