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    Great Lessons

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    I am considering giving the Great Lessons closer together than I have before in order to help the children view them as one grand story. Then we'll dig into topics that interested them from the stories after that. Has anyone here given the stories faster ...

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    Potatoes for Peace

    Dr. Sima Barmania BMedsci has created Potatoes for Peace, a peace education program for school age children which was presented at the Yale/UNESCO Conference. Chandra Fernando has shared this program and believes it may be of interest to you. Carla ...

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    Teaching While White

    Judi Bauerlein has asked that I post the following link to an article from the blog, Teaching While White, entitled "A Letter to White Teachers of My Black Children" by Afrika Afeni Mills:  https://teachingwhilewhite.org/blog/2019/6/21/a-letter-to-white-teachers-of-my-black-children ...

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